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CG Health Store is a one-stop online shop presenting high-quality wellness products that may help support skin health, may help assist muscle-building.

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CG Health Store

A trusted wellness brand

CG Health Store introducing a range of expert-formulated safe, potent and easy to use wellness essentials that may help support targeted beauty, fitness and health goals respectively.

  • Skin care formula
  • Muscle building supplement
  • Energy supplement

Using the formulas daily under the supervision of an expert professional may help optimize targeted benefits.

Mantra for wellness

Adhere to a healthy lifestyle that includes the following practices and step-up to a healthy and beautiful tomorrow.

  • Routine usageUse the formulas daily as directed on the label in consultation with an expert.


  • Diet & exerciseAdopt healthy eating habits and adhere to a fortified fitness regimen.


  • Hydration & restDrink water at regular intervals & sleep for an optimum duration daily.


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